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Repair Café International has formed a partnership with WD-40 Company. This international company is known to repairers and installers worldwide for its water-dissipating multi-spray. WD-40 also produces specialist sprays specifically for loosening, cleaning and protecting.

‘At WD-40, we want to encourage people to repair things more often instead of replacing them. By extending the life of your products you save costs. In addition, it’s good for our planet,‘ says Wendy Kelley, WD-40 Company’s vice president stakeholder and investor engagement. ‘That’s why we are a great supporter of Repair Café. We think it’s wonderful that more and more people are volunteering there to help their neighbours repair broken items.’

Free products for Repair Cafés and visitors

WD-40 Company will therefore support the Repair Café movement in several ways. Repair Cafés in various countries can receive free products from WD-40. They can use them during repair meetings and may hand out small packs of WD-40 products to visitors. WD-40 supports Repair Café International with a donation.

Martine Postma of Repair Café International is pleased with the cooperation. ‘The brand name WD-40 is inextricably linked to repairing. You often come across it in Repair Cafés too. I think it’s great that this is now reflected in a partnership.’

‘Repair, don’t replace’ campaign

WD-40 also runs a campaign to promote repair: the ‘Repair, don’t replace’ Challenge. This campaign invites repairers to share a video or photos of their repair. The best projects are rewarded with DIY vouchers.

“By joining forces with Repair Café, we can amplify our “Repair Don’t Replace” message and inspire individuals around the world to embrace repair as a solution to reduce waste and help combat the throwaway culture,” says Wendy.   

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