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Want to start your own Repair Café? You can! Repair Café International supports local groups around the world to start their own Repair Café. For a voluntary one-off fee of € 49 we offer the following digital starter kit (with separate versions for the UK, the US and other English speaking countries):

  • the extensive Repair Café manual with everything you need to know to start your own local Repair Café. This step-by-step manual is based on our years of experience, and guides you through all the different stages of setting up your own Repair Café: from finding local repair experts and a suitable location, to collecting the right tools, creating publicity, finding funds for your initiative etc.;
  • our logo to use in all communications about your local Repair Café;
  • templates for announcement posters and flyers and a press release;
  • registration forms to keep track of what is being repaired in your Repair Café and to cover liability;
  • information on how to join the RepairMonitor, the online tool that Repair Cafés worldwide use to collect data;
  • templates for forms to cover liability and collect feedback from people who visit your Repair Café
  • sign boards for filling in the names of the basis stations in your Repair Café (like ‘Electrical appliances’, ‘Furniture’ and ‘Textiles’) and posters to decorate the room in Repair Café style

When your Repair Café starts …

  • we will mention your Repair Café location on our world map;
  • we will give you your own page on our website. You can fill this page yourself with all kinds of information about your Repair Café;
  • we will send you a unique code with which you can order one-time free tools worth € 70 for your Repair Café from iFixit, only paying shipping costs*.

Start your own

“And what about the ‘fine print’?”

We would like to keep this simple and fair – like the Repair Café idea itself. We only ask you to agree to the conditions below. This way, all Repair Cafés will be recognizable as Repair Cafés and visitors will know what to expect. Our conditions are:

  • Initiatives that we support and help to get started, must be run on a voluntary and non-commercial basis and must be called Repair Café (and not DIY workplace, Odd Job cafe or any other such name).
  • The Repair Café logo must always be used for publicity and any communications. It is not allowed to make any changes in the logo. The logo is protected by copyright.
  • Publicity and communications will, for additional information, always refer to the website
  • People who order our materials, do not mind if – where appropriate – we pass their email address to other people or groups in the same area who have shown an interest in starting their own Repair Café as well.

The idea behind these conditions is that we want to build up a network of active Repair Cafés around the world together with you. When you agree to our conditions, you can now order the starter kit!

Start your own

As soon as we have received your payment, you can download all materials. This way, you can immediately start preparing the launch of your own Repair Café.

* This offer only applies to Repair Café locations in Europe.

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