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Repair Cafe International Foundation is a non-profit organisation without structural funding from governments or other parties. To be able to continue our work, we depend on donations.

Do you care for a future without unnecessary waste? A future in which neighbours can rely on each other and help each other to repair beloved broken items? A future where products are designed in such a way that they can be repaired? Then support us with your donation!

In this video (you can switch on English subtitles) we explain why the Repair Cafe movement needs your support:

Here you can read how we will use your contribution.

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Donate via a direct bank transfer

I transfer my donation directly to the Repair Café Foundation, using the following details:

Account name: Stichting Repair Café
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Account number (IBAN): NL11 TRIO 0390 4703 33
Bank name: Triodos Bank

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