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Repair Café International recently participated in a webinar on data collection for the repair community. Martine Postma demonstrated the RepairMonitor, the online tool which Repair Café volunteers can use to register their data and share them with the international repair community.

Right to repair
Ugo Vallauri of the RestartProject presented at the webinar too. Both Ugo and Martine spoke about the importance of data collection at community repair events.

“This data can be used to push for better policy including the right to repair, and for better product design”, Ugo said. Martine added that the data also provide insight into what could be improved in consumer behaviour.

Watch the webinar below:

Ugo Vallauri: min. 0.08 – 17.20
Martine Postma: min. 18.15 – 27.05
Q & A: min. 27.30 – end

Open Repair Alliance
Repair Café International and the RestartProject work together in the Open Repair Alliance. This is a international partnership of organisations promoting more repairable products. The Alliance was launched in 2017 in London during Fixfest, a conference for repair activists from all over the world.

The webinar was organised by the Belgian organisations Repair & Share and Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken.

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