Start: September 2021 or later
Duration: 3-6 months
Work week: in consultation
Study: you are enrolled in a marketing programme (either bachelor or master)

About the foundation
Repair Café International Foundation is the driving force behind the globally successful Repair Café concept: repairing broken items, with the help of skillful neighbours. It is good for the environment and fun to do. From Amsterdam, our small team spreads this concept all over the world. With good results! More than 2,000 groups of volunteers now organize monthly or weekly Repair Café meetings in 36 countries. And this number continues to grow every day.

Online marketing

The Repair Café has received a lot of media attention since its inception in 2009. Especially in the early years, when the concept was brand new, journalists, reporters and photographers were knocking on our door. Things have calmed down a bit since then. To keep reaching new people, we have been actively engaged in online marketing for a few years now. Together with a socially oriented marketing agency, we have adapted content on the website, started using Google ads and plan targeted messages on our social media channels. In this way, we have been able to maintain our reach reasonably well in the past COVID year.

Reaching more young people

Now that we slowly seem to be gaining control of COVID and the Repair Cafés are reopening, it is time to start increasing our breadth of coverage again! Specifically, we want to reach more young people with our message that repairing is useful and fun. Many young people know little to nothing about making repairs. Sometimes they have the idea that making repairs is something only the elderly do. Nothing is further from the truth. In fact, making repairs should be especially important to young people! They still have their lives ahead of them and – more than the elderly – have an interest in making sure the waste stream does not increase and that in fifty years’ time there will still be enough raw materials available to make necessary products.

We want to convey the following message to young people: if something breaks, consider repairing it. Just try it, give your things some attention, and if you cannot work it out yourself, bring it to a Repair Café – you will see: once you start making repairs, a whole new world will open up for you. This message aligns well with the pursuit of a circular economy, which has been government policy in the Netherlands and abroad for several years now.

Internship or graduation project

For this task, we are looking for an intern or graduate student as of September 2021 (or later). You will investigate how Repair Café International Foundation can encourage more young people to start repairing through our online marketing, how we can attract more young people to the Repair Cafés as visitors – and preferably also as volunteers or organizers. You will propose an approach and may implement this approach yourself through the channels of the foundation. This way you can directly measure the effect of your approach. Specifically, we challenge you to come up with an approach for Instagram; Repair Café International Foundation is not yet sufficiently active on this channel. The intention is that our team will be able to continue using your approach after your internship or graduation project is completed.

To get familiar with the workings of the foundation, you will also be involved in our regular online marketing. Tasks in the field of communication are also possible. In consultation, we will determine what you will do exactly.

You can work from home, at least partly. The office of Repair Café Foundation in Amsterdam also has an available workspace.


We are looking for someone with the following qualities:

  • You have at least the intellectual ability of a college student;
  • You are communicative, enterprising and independent;
  • You work in a structured way and can keep an overview;
  • You speak and write Dutch and English well;
  • You are interested in sustainability in general and have a positive attitude towards making repairs;
  • You are innately interested in the non-profit sector and enjoy making your marketing knowledge available to a good cause.

Internship fee

Repair Café Foundation can pay an internship fee of up to €250 per month. In case of a part-time internship the compensation will be adjusted accordingly.


Are you interested? Please send an email (with your resume) to Martine Postma, director of Repair Café International Foundation: [email protected]

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