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On 12 April, Repair Café Göteborg will become the first Repair Café in Sweden. There are already three in Norway. And just a few weeks ago, Denmark started its first Repair Café.

Sweden may be the last Scandinavian country to discover the Repair Café, it is leading in promoting repairs. With tax benefits the Swedish government wants to encourage residents to repair broken things instead of throwing them away.

Shristi Ghimire in Denmark has noticed that more and more people are becoming aware of the impact of waste: “We need to teach our children to appreciate repair skills.” She organized the first Repair Café of Odense on 18 March.

Norwegian Michael Hektoen was still studying when he brought the Repair Café to Oslo. Now that he’s graduated, Michael wants to travel through Norway with a repair van, organizing pop-up Repair Cafes, “in order to spread the concept”.

Webshop Quickparts is partner
Since the beginning of this year the Repair Café International Foundation also has a Scandinavian partner. The webshop Quickparts helps people with repair videos and personalized advice to prolong the life of electrical appliances.

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