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As of March 1, the new Ecodesign Directive is in force. In this new regulation, the European Union takes an important step towards promoting repair. For example, there will be minimum periods for the availability of spare parts and repair information.

“This directive is really a first step as far as we are concerned”, says Martine Postma of Repair Café International. “Especially professional repairers benefit from it. Repair Café volunteers and ordinary consumers are not included. We believe that everyone should have the right to repair.”

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Read the new rules point by point on the Right to Repair Europe website.

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Right to Repair Europe is making an effort every day to promote the right to repair. Do you want to stay informed? Then join the campaign.

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  1. Looking forward to the day when I can visit my local Repair Café and ‘join in the fun’. I hate to see things being dumped when they could so easily be rescued!! Waste not, want not!! Reduce! Re-use! Repair!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Much as I like the idea of Repair Cafes and less items being routinely thrown away in the world of liability that we live in only qualified people should be carrying out repairs. Would such qualified people be available to work in Repair Cafes and what sort of guarantee can they give on items said to be repaired ?

  3. REPAIR is not enough !.
    RE-USE should be a major part of recycling !.
    Take automobiles and all the parts in them, especially, motors, lighting & electronics.
    I am just making an “Optical Workbench” & want to move items !, for this I was looking at “Car Window Opener Motors”.
    Having the part I tried to get full specs from Mfg Co, BROSE.Com, An EU company. NO JOY !.
    Trying again with CEO, but they dont know about “Right to Repair”, so its up to us to push !
    Rgds Gordon.


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