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Everywhere in the world are people who are good at repairing. Some easily fix the damaged  cable of a vacuum cleaner or a faltering Hi-Fi system, others sew up a torn coat pocket in less than no time. Repairers can now share this knowledge with everyone via the Repair Café Wiki.

Until recently the repairers of the more than 1,100 Repair Cafés shared their knowledge primarily during meetings, at small forums and via social media. The Repair Café Wiki was initiated by volunteers at Farnham Repair Café (UK).

Wikipedia, everyone is familiar with it. The online encyclopedia, filled with knowledge from a great number of voluntary authors. When one person publishes something, someone else can add to it or correct it.

On the Repair Café Wiki pages, repair information can be found about domestic items Repair Café volunteers have repaired. You can make a page yourself with texts and photos, as a volunteer from Farnham did about a vacuum cleaner. And if you see inaccuracies, you can edit the text.

Share your repair knowledge
Do you want to get going on the Repair Café-Wiki? Read these short instructions about editing and creating a new page. All the pages are still in English for the time being, but go ahead and create a page in your own language: others can translate it. The Repair Café Wiki is there for everyone!

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