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The web is full of guides for repairing all kinds of things. Repair platform iFixit – our partner – offers tens of thousands of free repair guides in words and pictures. These are now also available via our website

You can use these step-by-step guides to get started at home. But you can also use them to prepare a repair in the Repair Café. This way you can read what to expect. Do you want to know if there is already a guide available for your repair? Find out here!

Finding repair guides via our homepage

You can find the search page for repair guides via our homepage in two ways.

  1. Via the main menu in the blue bar > Community > Repair guides

2. Via the Tips & tricks section (scroll down a bit) > Repair guides


Share your repair knowledge – create a repair guide yourself

Have you performed a repair yourself that you would like to share via iFixit? You can! iFixit will help you step by step to create your repair guide in words and pictures. This way you can help other repairers with your repair knowledge. Good luck! 

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