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Many Repair Cafés want to continue offering repair assistance during the corona pandemic. To organise this, there is a new tool now: Repair Connects. This online tool connects people with broken items to repairers.

Register your broken item

People with a broken item can use the tool to register their repair at a Repair Café – or similar initiative – in their neighbourhood.

Register your Repair Café as a ‘repair group’

Organisers can register their Repair Café as a ‘repair group’ at Repair Connects. They can use the system to give online repair advice, to put people with broken items in touch with repairers and to organise exchanges between repairers.

Repair Connects was developed as part of the European project Sharepair. The tool is already being used by Repair Cafés in Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

More information

Do you want to know more about how Repair Connects works? You can find general information here.

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