Repair Cafés prevent 420,000 kilos of waste in 2019

Repair Cafés have prevented an estimated 420,000 kilos of waste in 2019. This is shown in the annual report 2019 that Repair Café International recently published.

By the end of 2019 exactly 2,000 Repair Cafés were active worldwide. A typical Repair Café has one repair meeting per month, at which an average of 25 objects are examined. On average 70 percent of these repairs are successful.

Full Boeing 747

“If we assume that an average object weighs a kilo, and if 35,000 objects are repaired in Repair Cafés around the world every month, then 2,000 Repair Café locations around the world prevent 35,000 kilos of waste every month”, Repair Café International writes in its annual report. “Over the whole of 2019 that is 420,000 kilos. That’s about as much as a full Boeing 747, with passengers, cargo and fuel on board!”

A full Boeing 747, with passengers, cargo and fuel on board, weighs more than 400,000 kilos.

In the fight against climate change, Repair Cafés around the world have also made their contribution in 2019. Repair Café International calculates that the 420,000 successful repairs together have prevented up to 10 million kilos of CO2 emissions.

Jubilee Celebrating Repair

2019 was an anniversary year: the Repair Café celebrated its tenth anniversary in October. The foundation celebrated this with the jubilee program Celebrating Repair. This included a large symposium in Amsterdam, a jubilee exhibition and the presentation of a new, fresh corporate identity.

Download the annual report

Want to read more about the results of Repair Café International in 2019? Download the annual report 2019 (in Dutch). Or read the summary (in English).

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  • Jilly Gourlay 16.02.2021

    Would love to set one up in Hoveton nr12 8Du U.K.
    we have a Men’s Shed on site – so already have people that know about these things.
    We are also opening a community cafe at Easter- if government restrictions allow.
    How do I go about setting a club up?
    Any help would be really useful.

    • Repair Cafe International 17.02.2021

      Dear Jill, it’s very easy to start your own Repair Cafe: our starter kit tells you exactly how to go about this. Good luck!

  • Grace 19.12.2020

    Where in northern New Jersey USA is there a repair cafe? And is it operating during his time.
    Thank you

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