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All Repair Cafés in the world together prevented around 350,000 kilos of waste in 2018. That is just as much as the total weight of 58 adult African elephants! That is stated in the annual report for 2018 of Repair Café International Foundation.

Nearly 20,000 repair meetings
Worldwide, 1,653 Repair Café groups were active last year. One group meets on average once a month to repair things. During one such meeting, an average of eighteen objects are successfully repaired.

All Repair Cafés together held an estimated 19,836 meetings in 2018, with an estimated result of more than 350,000 repaired products. For the sake of convenience, Repair Café International assumes that an average item weighs one kilo.

An adult African elephant can weigh up to 6,000 kilos (Photo: Amandad via Pixabay)

CO2 emissions of 850 people
In the annual report Repair Café International also estimates how much CO2 the Repair Cafés have prevented to be emitted in 2018. Following the calculation method by British researcher Steve Privett, up to 8.5 million kilos of CO2 was saved in 2018. This is equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of 850 people in the western world.

Want to know more?
Repair Café International achieved more results in 2018. Want to know more? Then read the entire annual report 2018 (in Dutch).

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