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In the past year, Repair Café repairers around the world have prevented 250,000 kilos of waste. Repair Café International Foundation presents that estimate in its 2016 annual report.

At the end of last year, almost 1,200 Repair Cafés were active, holding a repair meeting on average once a month. According to the foundation, an average of 18 items are successfully repaired during each meeting. In an entire year, worldwide, that adds up to around 250,000.

Gigantic Buddha
“If we assume that an average item weighs a kilo, then nearly 250,000 kilos of waste has been prevented in the year 2016”, states the annual report. “This is as heavy as the gigantic Tian Tan Buddha, a 34 metre high bronze statue in Hong Kong.”

In 2016, Repair Café International Foundation has achieved even more. Curious? Read the annual report (in Dutch). 

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