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In 2024, Repair Café turns 15! We will celebrate this in various ways. On Friday 18 October – our actual anniversary – we will hold a Repair Café XL in The Hague. In the city where the Dutch government is housed, we will show what Repair Café is all about: we’re for repairing, but also for collaboration, volunteering and a shared commitment to a sustainable future.

Joint bunting line makes global movement visible

During the Repair Café XL, we also want to emphasise that Repair Café is a global movement, with supporters in more than 40 countries across six continents. Therefore, we invite all Repair Cafés to make a textile flag to hang on a common bunting line. Repair Café International offers a pattern and instructions on how to make it.

Create your own flag and send it to Repair Café International

Want your Repair Café to participate, too? Then, download the pattern and instructions and get creative. Send the result to Repair Café International in Amsterdam (our address is in the instructions). Using all contributions, we will make a – hopefully very long – bunting line that we can use to decorate the Repair Café XL party location on 18 October. This way, all Repair Cafés will be joined in celebration.

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  1. Great idea! Look forward to seeing the finished flags flying! Hoping our lovely Bassendean Repair Cafe textile team can take part.

  2. We love this idea and decided to hold a competition and invite all our volunteers, visitors and supporters to design and make a flag representing Wirral Repair Café. (Opportunity to further engage the local community!) All entries will be strung across our café and finally we will vote for the one to be sent to you.
    Our remaining flags will make colourful bunting to decorate our stalls at the fairs and various events we join in.
    I know you need the flag for October, but what is the deadline for you to receive them?

  3. WE are celebrating 5 years as the Nottingham-Victoria Repair Cafe this March and will be making
    5 year and 15 year flags to recognise both landmarks.
    We are having a competition and the best flag will be sent to Repair Cafe International, for the repair day celebrations .

  4. We will be making one or two of these with Haringey Fixers, who run repair sessions in our neighbourhood. They will have a stall at our Antwerp Arms Community pub 9th birthday party. I’m going to bring the fabric pre-cut as it might be busy. Alas I don’t have a printer so was going to draw the pattern on paper by hand 20 cm wide x 30 cm tall. Is it a cm seam allowance?

    1. I guess so, but it doesn’t need to be the exact same size as the pattern. Some flags that we have received are slightly bigger, others are smaller, but they can all be part of the bunting line, no problem. We’re looking forward to receiving yours. Good luck!

  5. Great initiative, thank you. We at Repair Cafe Redcliffe Peninsula, Queensland, Australia are making a flag, and hopefully will get flags from other local Repair Cafe’s in Southeast Queensland.

    Questions, please:
    1. Is there a limit of one flag from each Repair Cafe, if not is there a maximum from each Repair Cafe?
    2. I will be in Rotterdam on Friday 27 September after 2 weeks bike riding the Rhein as part of a european tour, then on a cruise from Rotterdam on 28 September. Can I arrange for drop off or collection of our flag(s) on 27 September in Rotterdam?.

    Thank you

    Les, President

    1. Dear Les, Thanks for your comment! There is no limit to the number of flags for each Repair Cafe. We would say: one for each RC in general, but we have received multiple flags from several Repair Cafes and that’s okay too. As for your trip to Rotterdam: easiest and most reliable way is probably to mail them in Rotterdam. We’re looking forward to receiving an envelope by the end of September and we wish you a pleasant journey.

  6. Thank you for the information, appreciated. Would there be a Repair Cafe workshop on in Rotterdam on Friday 27 September or Saturday 12 October? Otherwise, what address do I post them to. Kind regards, Les, President, Repair Cafe Redcliffe Peninsula Inc


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