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Starter kit Repair Café in the classroom

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The starter kit Repair Café in the classroom contains all the information you need to organise a lesson (or series of lessons) about repair at a primary school in your community, together with volunteers from your Repair Café. It provides advice on how to conduct a preparatory lesson, a practical lesson in which pupils make their own repairs in the classroom, and an evaluation lesson. It also advises on how to set up a follow-up course at the selected primary school.

The starter kit consists of 5 documents:

  1. A manual with tips and a comprehensive roadmap for the Repair Café volunteers;
  2. A briefing for the teacher of the class where the lessons will be taught;
  3. An idea sheet for the teacher to prepare the introductory lesson with;
  4. A ‘discovery sheet’ for young pupils to work with during the practical lesson;
  5. A document listing the rules that apply during the practical lesson.