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The extensive Repair Café manual contains all the information you need to start your own local Repair Café in Japan. This step-by-step manual, in Japanese, is based on our years of experience. It guides you through all the different stages of setting up your own Repair Café in Japan: from finding local repair experts and a suitable location, to collecting the right tools, creating publicity, finding funds for your initiative etc.

Beside this you will receive our logo to use in all communications about your local Repair Café, templates for announcement posters and flyers, templates for forms to cover liability and collect feedback from people who visit your Repair Café, and sign boards with the names of the basis stations in your Repair Café (like ‘Electrical appliances’, ‘Furniture’ and ‘Textiles’). You can print all documents yourself. The lay-out is based on standard international paper formats.

Furthermore, when your local initiative gets started, we will mention your Repair Café location on our website, and we will create publicity for your initiative via our network.