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Repair Café International adds a new product to its range: the Repair Café in the classroom starter kit. This digital package contains all the information that Repair Café volunteers need to organise a lesson – or series of lessons – about repair at a primary school in their neighborhood.

Nice and not that hard at all
This helps them to make children enthusiastic about repairing. “And that is very much needed”, says Martine Postma of Repair Café International. “If something breaks, many children now have the automatic response: ‘Oh, I need to have a new one.’ We want to change that. We want to show that repairing is fun and often not that difficult at all.”

The teaching material has been prepared in collaboration with various Repair Cafés. For instance, the Repair Café and the Montessori school in Oegstgeest were involved in the development of the kit (read the report of the super-inspiring trial lessons in groups 3 and 4!). However, the material is not only intended for Montessori education; other primary schools can use it as well.

Order the starter kit
Curious? Order the course material for a voluntary contribution!

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  1. I’d love to order the classroom pack but the link to the webshop from this page doesn’t work
    also from
    and nor does searching for ‘webshop’ or looking for a webshop link in the main menu.
    Is this pack still available in english?


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