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Repair Café International has gained two new partners: 190cc and Sunglass Fix.

190cc, from France, is a webshop specialized in spare parts for gardening tools. A simple repair saves money and helps to create less waste. 190cc believes in a world respectful of its resources, that’s why we are fully engaged with the Repair Café Foundation for the servicing of your gardening tools.

Sunglass Fix, based in Australia, helps customers keep their favorite sunglasses forever. The company offers a large selection of high quality sunglass lenses at a price that makes replacing your old, scratched lenses an economically sound and environmentally friendly solution.

Very important
190cc and Sunglass Fix support Repair Café International with a yearly donation. The foundation highly appreciates this support. Director Martine Postma: “Thanks to these partner donations we can continue our good work as a non-profit organisation without government support. Our partners are therefore very important to us.”

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