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NBC’s Today Show kicked off Earth Day weekend last Friday with a special segment about Repair Cafe! Volunteers from several Repair Cafes in the Hudson Valley had come to New York City for a live Repair Cafe at Rockefeller Center Plaza.

Four Today Show hosts were on the street interviewing repair coaches about the repairs they were making, and about the need for more repairing. Susie Fromer, coordinator of the Hudson Valley Repair Cafes, explained the significance of Repair Café.

Repair Cafe is a way to change our relationship with our things

“You know, Repair Cafe is so important”, she said. “This is a way to save things from the landfill and to save resources. It’s also really important to share and preserve skills that some people don’t have in the younger generation. It’s a lot of intergenerational give back, and it’s a way to change our relationship with our things. They’re not just to be tossed away, but we can fix them and save ourselves money and time.”

NBC also interviewed Elizabeth Knight, who wrote the book Repair Revolution, together with the late John Wackman, who started the first Repair Cafe in the Hudson Valley. Elizabeth talked about the wider significance of fixing our stuff for the planet. “It is bigger than keeping things out of the landfill”, she said. “We’re all on this planet together. This is something we can do, not just for me, but for you too.”

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