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This article has been modified on 7 July 2022

Repair Café Farnham (UK) hosted a European Repair Café webinar on the afternoon of Thursday 30 June. During this two and a half hour webinar, volunteers were updated on all practical issues related to Repair Cafés. They could also exchange experiences with fellow volunteers from other European countries. Martine Postma of Repair Café International kicked off the event. Among other things, she told about the revival of Repair Cafés since the pandemic.

Watch the webinar

Are you curious about the experiences of your European Repair Café colleagues? Then watch the entire webinar below! More information about the programme of the event can be found via this link.

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  1. Hi:
    I am shortly moving from UK to Dresden, and have the information regarding the repair cafe there. I would like to view the webinar that took place in Farnham recently, but there seems no way to do this!
    On the email from Margaret Hertsee, it clearly says: ‘Watch the webinar below’ but I cannot see how to get to it. There is no useful ‘Click here for webinar recording’ that you see on other websites.

    Just how do I get to it?? I await an idiot’s guide,

  2. Magically the information has appeared and I have seen the Webinar. Very interesting and now I can see how it is all done, looking forward to contacting the people in Dresden Repair Cafe after 1st July.
    Regards, David


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