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Summer is almost over, and a new repair season is about to begin. A good moment to sign your Repair Café up for the RepairMonitor! 

What is the RepairMonitor?
The RepairMonitor is an international tool for collecting data about the repairs in your own Repair Café. This will give you insight into what appears (literally) on the table in your Repair Café. Which products of which brands do visitors bring in for repair, and what’s the problem with these products?

Apart from that the RepairMonitor gives insight into your specific results, like the success rate of the repairs that you carry out, which events or periods during the year are the busiest, and what kind of solutions are often devised within your Repair Café.

Learn from each other
The RepairMonitor also enables repairers of different Repair Cafés to learn from each other. All participants can search the entire database, and use each other’s repair solutions. When you have a good repair tip, you can share it in the monitor. This will help other repairers.

Top ten most presented products in RepairMonitor 2018 with numbers

Circular economy
By participating in the RepairMonitor you also help the repair movement ahead. Repair Café International analyzes the data of all participating Repair Cafés and uses this for lobbying with manufacturers and politicians. We commit ourselves to more robust and more repairable items that fit into the circular economy.

At this moment too many things are unnecessarily thrown out. Your repair data is needed badly to change this.

Join in!
Sign up your Repair Café for the monitor now. This takes no more than a minute. We offer an extensive user manual and instructional videos to get you started in the monitor.

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