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The Repair Café began seven years ago. We are celebrating that with the International Repair Café Week. During this week volunteers are organising events all over the world together.

During the week of festivities at least 60 Repair Cafes in 12 countries will most certainly be organising an extra repair meeting. There are also hundreds of regular Repair Café meetings. Check the opening times and addresses to find a Repair Café near you.

Repairing together: a global trend

The very first Repair Café was held on 19 October 2009 in Amsterdam. Since then the concept has been spread all over the world using the Repair Café starter kit. At the moment there are more than 1,150 Repair Cafés in 29 countries.

Martine Postma from the Netherlands, creator of the concept and director of Stichting Repair Café, will be eating a piece of cake with her colleagues today. Martine: “It’s wonderful to see what we have achieved together in seven years. Many thousands of volunteers around the world now try to reduce waste and improve their relationship with their neighbours. Politicians are also beginning to recognise the benefits of making repairs. That motivates to keep on going!”

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