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The International Repair Café week will be held from 17 to 23 October. In this week, volunteers all over the world will hold meetings about making repairs together. Join us and repair your broken items at the Repair Café!

During the International Repair Café week, we will be celebrating the Repair Café’s seventh anniversary. On 18 October 2009, Martine Postma organised the very first repair café in Amsterdam, calling it the Repair Café. Now there are 1,140 Repair Cafés across 29 countries.

Toss it? No way!
At a Repair Café, (valuable) broken items will get a second life. Visitors find out that it is possible to make repairs and that it is not even as difficult as they may have thought. They will even experience that making repairs can be fun.

Do you also think it could be fun? Let us know on this Facebook page that you are interested. Share your enthusiasm by sharing it with everyone you know. Visit a Repair Café in the week of 17 October. Drink a cup of coffee with your neighbours and repair what is broken.

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