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Researchers of Delft University of Technology have published a guide on 3D printing for repair. The guide and accompanying videos aim to help repairers design and share spare parts needed to make repairs.

More than just printing the original part

The guide takes the reader through the 3D Printing for Repair (3DP4R) process. It consists of guidelines and tools to create a 3D printable version of spare parts needed for a product repair. 3D printing a spare part is more than just printing the original part. Instead, it is an iterative process in which the part is analysed, redesigned, manufactured, and tested, in order to come to a final part. This guide will describe these four phases in detail. The guide is meant for anybody who is interested in trying to manufacture spare parts with 3D printing technologies, remakers, tinkerers, volunteer repairers, professional repairers, and everyone who is interested in repair initiatives.

Download the 3D printing for repair guide

The 3D printing for repair guide was published within the ShaRepair project. You can download it from the Delft University of Technology website.

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