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Do you want to exchange experiences with Repair Café repairers and organisers in other countries? And do you want to hear how fellow volunteers across Europe and North America are dealing with typical Repair Café issues like engaging younger generations and assessing the skills of new repairers?

Then join the third international Repair Café webinar on January 26 (from 4 to 7 PM CET), organised by Repair Café International in the Netherlands and the Centre for Sustainable Design at UCA in the UK.

Speakers from various countries

During this three hour online event speakers from Repair Cafés in various countries will share their views. In addition, Anna Cavazzini, member of the European Parliament, will talk about the status of the European right to repair, which will hopefully be enshrined in a law before next summer.

Martine Postma of Repair Café International will update participants on the importance of data collection, as well as the 15-year anniversary of Repair Café in 2024. All Repair Cafés around the world can participate in this celebration.

Martin Charter of the Centre for Sustainable Design will talk about Repair Café repairers’ ideas for circular design of products.

Read more and sign up

The webinar will be conducted in English. More information about the programme is available on the website of The Centre for Sustainable Design. There you can also register.

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  1. I want to know when a Repair Cafe near me for 2024 will be running and what can I bring there please

  2. Hi,
    I will not be able to attend the todays 3rd international Repair Café webinar but I am very interested to get feedback, record or presentation of the session! Thanks in advance and good job!!
    Nathalie, from France but living in Slovenia – project coordinator at REUSE center.


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