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Repair Café International has gained a new partner: Fiyo. This online shop for spare parts, accessories and maintenance products aims to extend the life expectancy and usage of appliances in and around the house.

‘If you care for your appliances, you will get more out of them’, is the resolve of Fiyo. This perfectly matches the Repair Café creed ‘Bin it? No way!’ The first step towards the prevention of things breaking down completely is proper maintenance and timely repairs of small defects.

And it’s enjoyable
“Proper maintenance of and small repairs to your appliances, can expand their lifetime”, says Mark Looymans, CEO of Fiyo. “And with clever accessories, you can put them to wider use, all of which saves time and money. And who knows, you might surprise yourself and enjoy it as well.”

Yearly donation
Fiyo supports Repair Café International with a yearly donation. The foundation highly appreciates this support. Director Martine Postma: “Thanks to these partner donations we can continue our good work as a non-profit organisation without government support. Our partners are therefore very important to us.”

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