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Repair Café International has had a partnership with FixPart since 2020. This webshop specializes in selling parts and accessories for household appliances and has more than 15 million products available. FixPart is committed to less e-waste and a longer life for household appliances.

That is why FixPart supports all Repair Cafés from now on with a 15 percent discount on all products. The discount applies to both repairers and visitors of the Repair Cafés.

Doing your bit for a livable future

“This way we want to make repairing even more attractive”, says FixPart director Rens Rovers. He feels that more repairing is necessary. “We want to do our bit to keep the world livable in the future too, with less waste and more green. That’s why we work together with organizations like Repair Café International, Natuur & Milieu and Trees for all.”

Repair Café International is pleased with the partnership. “From our data analyses we know that the price of spare parts can be a barrier to getting things repaired. A 15 percent discount can make a difference”, responds director Martine Postma.

FixPart also supports Repair Café International with a donation

Martine adds: “But partnerships like the one with FixPart are also important for our foundation. They show that businesses are paying more and more attention to sustainability and the environment. In addition, FixPart also supports us with an annual donation. Without such contributions, Repair Café International would not be able to do its work.”

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