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All his life, John Westra has donated to charities, but nowadays he chooses them very consciously. “I look for charities close to home. Making repairs is one of them.” That’s why John donates to Repair Café International Foundation.

John rediscovered his interest in making repairs later in life. He started to repair items himself. In his search for more repair knowledge, he came across the Repair Café.

“I went to a Repair Café in my hometown. I liked what took place, concerning repairs and the expertise of people there. But I also liked the social aspect, the atmosphere. I got into a conversation with someone, and actually, it wasn’t about that broken vacuum cleaner at all; this woman just wanted to share her life story.”

Managing the Repair Cafés

John now has his own Repair Café and is involved with Repair Café International in more ways than one. He, therefore, knows better than anyone that the foundation needs donations to continue to do its work. “I know from the stories how difficult it is to make ends meet. That wins my support.”

Thanks to Repair Café International John Westra (standing, on the left) now runs his own Repair Café

Repair Café International does not receive a structural subsidy and is therefore dependent on donations. With these donations, the foundation maintains the multilingual website and deploys employees who are ready to answer any and all questions Repair Café organisers have daily. The money is also used to keep the digital starter kit up-to-date. This allows interested parties to start a Repair Café.


Repair Café International can maintain and expand its network of Repair Cafés thanks to donations. The more cafes there are the less unnecessary waste. It also sustains repair knowledge and gives neighbourhoods a social meeting place.

Do you also want to contribute to a sustainable and social world? Then donate now! Thank you for anything you can offer.

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