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Just when the European Union is making efforts to promote the repair of domestic appliances, Miele is making this more difficult, so reports the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. The product manufacturer no longer supplies parts to webshops. Instead, customers can only order spare parts through Miele, but the range on the Miele website is much smaller than what spare parts shops were offering until recently.

Step goes against the trend to repair more

Repair Café International is not happy with the development. “This step goes directly against the spirit of the new European rules and the trend in society to repair more”, says director Martine Postma to the newspaper. The decision is all the more remarkable given that Miele has always presented itself as a solid brand that values durability and repairability.

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  1. Well, the necessity is clear.


    I already do this with several advertisers. I have one that bombards me with ads for special woodworking tools.
    The problem with this is that THERE ARE NO SPARE PARTS!
    All these wonderful tools are limited production runs, with NO SPARE PARTS, so if you damage or ruin an item, THERE IS NO WAY TO EVER REPAIR IT.
    I would NEVER purchase such a tool. Within a year it would be worthless and have to be discarded.
    I prefer a tool that has spare parts available, and factory support of the item.
    It is BIZARRE to me that Miele would have any customers at all, because I certainly would never buy one of their products.

  2. Thank you for sharing Miele’s new anti-repair strategy. I won’t be buying or recommending their products in future.

  3. is this a ploy by miele to ensure that only genuine parts are used, or just a way of making repairing more difficult or easier to purchase a new miele appliance?

    I understood it was european law and australian law to have a full inventory of spare parts available for x ?
    years to maximise life of the product !! and discourage the throw away society!

  4. This is indeed discouraging news as both our daughter love their respective miele vacuums, as do I.
    We have in our neighborhood, but not in theirs, an excellent repair technician, but he is close to retirement. After he closes shop, we’re (all three of us and rest rest of the world’s owners) out of luck!
    Jenny Russell


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