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Christmas time is almost here again. High time to check if your Christmas decorations are still okay! If they’re not, stop by at a Repair Café soon. There’s a good chance that our volunteers can find the problem and solve it together with you.

Soldering a wire
In 60 percent of the cases, Christmas lights’ cords are repaired successfully. This is evident from the RepairMonitor, in which volunteers keep track of their repair data. Sometimes, it’s enough to replace one of the cord’s lights. Sometimes, a wire has to be soldered. At the Repair Café, this is usually no problem at all.

Inflatable Santa
But the volunteers tackle more than just Christmas lights. At a Repair Café in Zwolle (the Netherlands) last year, an inflatable Santa was brought in. It no longer worked. The repairers discovered that the power plug of the pump did not make contact properly. After soldering a wire, Santa came back to life. Ho ho ho!

Stop by at the Repair Café
Do you also have broken Christmas items? Then visit a Repair Café near you. Merry Christmas!

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