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Lindfield Repair Café


52 High St, Lindfield, Haywards Heath RH16 2HL, UK


Lindfield Repair Cafe was founded in 2021 by Trevor Carpenter. Our mission is to reduce landfill waste through education, encouragement and motivation. If something needs fixing, local residents can pop into one of our monthly Repair Cafe events and we’ll do our best to get it back to them in working condition in no time at all. We meet on the first Saturday of each month at the United Reform Church, High Street, Lindfield.


We are entirely volunteer-led and run. The cafe provides other benefits, including a meeting place and an opportunity for local people to share their skills or just get together for a chat and a cup of tea. We want to encourage young people to get involved, not just to reduce waste but to inspire them to become the repairers of the future. We have a dedicated children’s table where they can take things apart and even try to put them back together.


Each month we will offer a table to a different community project to promote their activities. Ideally these will be environmentally focussed and share the core principle of the repair cafe movement.



Lindfield Repair Café is part of an international chain of active and recognisable repair cafes, founded in the Netherlands, based on the motto ‘Toss It? No Way’. We share the goals of the Repair Café Foundation:


● To bring back repairing into local communities in a modern way;

● To maintain repair expertise and to spread this knowledge; and

● To promote social cohesion in the local community by connecting neighbours with different backgrounds with each other through an inspiring local event.


We are committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive space at Lindfield Repair Cafe and all those involved will:

● share their skills and expertise;

● be kind, friendly and welcoming to all visitors;

● treat other volunteers and visitors with respect;

● provide services to all without discrimination.



There is no charge for repairs or for our lovely tea, coffee and cakes. Visitors are asked to make a donation which goes towards the running costs of the café, which include venue hire, insurance and a stock of tools and the bits and bobs needed to complete a repair.



We can only offer a repair service because of our amazing volunteers. Our philosophy is that we will always have a place for anyone who wishes to volunteer. 




Thank you for your interest in Lindfield Repair Café. If you are thinking of replacing or discarding something in your home because you can’t fix it, bring it to us and we’ll do our best to return it (almost) as good as new.


Opening hours

On the first Saturday of the month 10am – 1pm at Lindfield United Reform Church.





Email[email protected]
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