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Hungerford Repair Café


The Croft, Hungerford RG17 0HY, United Kingdom


Hungerford Repair Café

The next Hungerford Repair Café event is scheduled to take place on 21st May 2022 at 10:00 am in the Croft Hall in Hungerford.

This follows a successful meeting on 19th March when the volunteers helped to mend 51% of the items brought in, and were able to advise the owners about how to fix or obtain spare parts for a further 27% of them. In this way we saved about 50 Kg of waste going into landfill or other recycling facilities.

If you are unable to join us in May, we will next run the Café on July 9th during the Hungerford Summer Festival. We plan to hold meetings every 2 months after that.

Hungerford Repair Café is a meeting place where you can get help repairing your things. Repairs and refreshments are free – we rely solely on donations from grateful members of the public to help us to cover our costs. Please tell your friends and help spread the word.

We run five repair stations covering electrical items, non-electrical items (including toys), tool sharpening, bicycles and textiles/clothing. Our friendly and skilled repairers will help to fix products where they are able to – or will offer advice on repairs or where to obtain spare parts etc. Here is what some of our visitors have said:

  • “It now works perfectly, he made it look easy!”
  • “Good to have access to someone with knowledge”
  • “Wonderful idea and is obviously a great success, even the coffee was good”

If an item is larger than hand luggage or unusual in any way, please email [email protected] to assess the feasibility of repair. We do not undertake to repair petrol-driven items or mobile phones. Also, we do not take items for re-use.

We will ask you to complete a repair form on arrival. This helps us to keep a record of what we have done and how much we have kept from landfill. You can avoid the queue when you arrive if you download, print and complete a Repair Form and bring it with you. Please remember to sign the house rules.

We respectfully ask you not to bring your dog into the hall unless it is a guide dog. This is to avoid the possibility of accidents with potentially harmful tools and cabling for our workstations. For the same reason, young children should be supervised at all times.

We wish to implement best practice COVID-19 precautions in our Repair Cafe. To keep everyone safe, visitors and volunteers are encouraged to wear a face covering, maintain social distancing and use the hand sanitiser provided.

Hungerford Repair cafe is supported by Hungerford Environmental Action Team and the Rotary Club of Hungerford.

Opening hours

10:00 am – 12:30 pm





Mike Gilbert

Email[email protected]
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