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Cairngorms Repair Café


Boat of Garten PH24 3BL, UK


Repair Café Cairngorms started in June 2021 as a new project by the Boat of Garten Community Hall, with funding support from the Cairngorm National Park Authority and Cairngorm Trust Green Recovery Fund. Our big goals are to help reduce waste, especially landfill, and to build community skills, networks and confidence for repairing and upcycling.

Our Repair Café events tend to run monthly, usually on the second Sunday from 2pm to 5pm in the Boat Hall, where we try to fix broken or damaged items for our local community and visitors. We also run occasional evening events and workshops for improving repair skills.

We don’t charge for repairs but we do gratefully accept donations to help cover our costs and continue to improve our service. The Cafes are really important to the success and feel of our events – repairing, learning and meeting people is even more fun with coffee and cake!

We gather information about all our repairs and this help us track the impact of our project, including estimating how much carbon has been saved. We are really keen to see our project develop, for example by involving more young people and children, by encouraging more sharing of tools in the community and by partnering with others to look after our environment.

Repair Café Cairngorms events are designed and run by an Organising Group, currently chaired by Helen Geddes who is also a director and trustee of Boat of Garten Community Hall. Our pool of regular volunteers includes people with skills in sewing, joinery, electricals, general DIY, spectacle & jewellery repair, ceramics as well as our bakers, café managers and administrators. If you have a skill, there’s always a task waiting.

We’re also one of the early members of the Circular Communities Scotland.

We’re always happy to hear from people with feedback and ideas or suggestions for recruiting new volunteers. Have a natter with us at one of our cafes or contact us.

You can reach us as follows:
Email [email protected]
Facebook @repaircafecairngorms
Whatsapp group Repair Café Volunteers (let us know if you’d like an invite to join)
Phone Call Boat Hall on 01479 831 and leave a message for us.




[email protected]

Email[email protected]
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