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The Repair Café continues to inspire volunteers all over the world! There are now nearly 1,400 Repair Cafés in 33 countries. Soon we will welcome country number 34: South Africa! Repair Café Cape Town, the first in this country, is busy preparing its first repair meeting.

Earlier this year – on the other end of the globe – two new Repair Café countries joined our network: Sweden and Denmark. We are curious whether the increase of Repair Cafés will go as rapidly there as in the United States. This year has steadily seen the number of Repair Cafés grow and grow.

Disposable culture
Where there were 20 and 23 Repair Café locations in the US in 2015 and 2016 respectively, there are now already 47! That number is likely to increase significantly over the coming months, as lately a few dozen Americans have ordered a starter package.

Were the Americans inspired by the NBC Nightly News TV broadcast (April), the article in The New York Times (January 20) or was it the ATTN video (November 2016)? In any case, people in the USA – with its strong disposable culture – have discovered the art of repairs!

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