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Would you like to repair your broken items together with the Repair Café? By the end of September this will be possible for the first time in Ghana and Turkey. There are now 29 countries in total across six continent.

A Repair Café was opened for the first time in the countries Slovenia, Latvia, Poland and Azerbaijan earlier this year. In the Greek town of Patras Anastasios Nikoladakis founded a recycling company. He noticed that a lot of the items brought in could easily be repaired. He therefore opened the first Repair Café in Greece.

Ghana and Turkey
On 24 September, a college in Ghana will have its first Rapair Café. Initiator Chris Moller had also organised a Repair Café meeting in the English Cottenham two years earlier: “Ghanaian engineering students are very smart and resourceful, but have little experience making repairs. If successful, we will hold more meetings.”

Faik Özen, volunteer at a Repair Café in Amsterdam, went to Turkey  in September for a wedding. Before he went, he emailed the Turkish Foundation for Green Initiatives to ask what they thought of the Repair Café concept. They gave a positive response. Faik went to meet them and not much later a date was set. On 25 October the first Rapair Café meeting will be held in Istanbul.

Serbian starter kit
Want to organise a Repair Cafe? The starter kit is already in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. Do you speak a Serbian language, then keep an eye on this website. The Repair Café starter kit will soon also be available in that language.

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