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Have you ever placed a repaired present under the Christmas tree? In 2015, Mascha from the Netherlands gave her brother a headphone. Unfortunately the cord snagged and once again headphones are on the wish-list. Mascha didn’t go to the shops but to the Repair Café.

In 2016 we discover once again that there are more people like Mascha all over the world. People who say: Toss it? No way!

And so, at the end of November, the questions came pouring in from America:
“Is there a Repair Café in Baltimore?”
“My husband loves repairing. Can he also open a Repair Café?”
“I live in Pittsburgh, where can I sign-up as volunteer?”
It turns out that an American media company made a wonderful video about the Repair Café.

taart-rc-jarigThe International Repair Café Week in October already generated a lot of enthusiastic reactions. That week we celebrated our seven-year anniversary.

The Repair Café keeps growing
Seven years the number of Repair Café locations has kept growing. At the beginning of the year there were 900 Repair Cafés in 22 countries. Now there are already 1,180 cafés in 30 countries! One of the newcomers is the first Repair Café in Sub-Sahara Africa.

The number of partners of Stichting Repair Café International is also growing. Our newest partner is eSpares. As a result of this partnership, Repair Café organisers in all English, French, German and Spanish speaking countries will receive a 10 percent discount on all products purchased with eSpares.

In short, it was another surprisingly festive year.

A repaired present
Would you like to give a Repair Café gift, just like Mascha? Then repair something that is broken. Would you like to give Repair Café gifts all year round? Start your own Repair Café, become a volunteer or make a donation.

We wish you happy holidays and a toolbox full of repair fun!

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