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By the end of 2015 there are more than 900 Repair Cafés in 22 countries. All over the world, some 13,500 volunteers commit to lessening waste and increasing reparations in the name of Repair Café. We look back on a year full of repair fun.

And still every week new organisers are ordering the English-language starter kits from the Repair Café foundation. In India, Egypt and Japan, among others, volunteers opened one or more Repair Cafés in the past year. And with the new Spanish and soon Japanese starter kit, the number of Repair Cafés will also continue to grow next year.

Partly because of this, we renewed the Repair Café website in 2015. On the new platform you can read about the Repair Café in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. You can easily search for a Repair Café and come into contact with (other) organisers and repair enthusiasts.

New Year’s Dream
In the past year, the Repair Café foundation has been active for the repairability of items. In the spring, together with six other (mostly European) organisations, we published a mission statement: things must be durable and well repairable, and repair information should be available to everyone. We have been lobbying in Brussels at the European Commission to create enthusiasm for our ideas. We hope that, step-by-step, we head in the right direction.

Martine Postma, initiator of the Repair Café, also has a New Year’s Dream: Repair Café lessons for all primary school students. In the coming year, the Repair Café foundation will work together with interested teachers to make a curriculum.

The worldwide success of the Repair Café provides a toolbox full of energy for 2016. Repair Café International wishes everyone a great festive season and till next year!

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