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On the threshold to 2020, we welcomed the 2,000th Repair Café into our network. Warm congratulations to the team of Repair Café Utrecht-Rivierenwijk in the Netherlands!

The meetings of this new Repair Café take place on the premises of a playground, located in a park which is often visited by adults. “Visitors came up with the idea of starting a Repair Café in the interior space which is part of the playground”, says playground manager and Repair Café organizer Jan-Willem Gunnink.

Everyone is welcome
According to Gunnink, the interior space is a great repair location. “And children who come to play here, will learn that you don’t have to throw broken items away, but that you can fix them”, he says. However, the new Repair Café is not only aimed at children. Gunnink: “Everyone is welcome!”

Early January the milestone of 2,000 Repair Cafés was reached

Start your own Repair Café
Do you also want to start a Repair Café? Our handy starter kit helps you on your way!

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  1. Hi please include under Wales the Presteigne event that happens every 3 rd Saturday at the Youth Club, Hereford Street, Powys LD8 2AR from 10.00 til 12.30
    except September.

    We started Sept 2019 & so far has been really good. Thanks Rolly contact person.


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