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Repair Café International looks back on a good repair year. In 2017, once again many tens of thousands of volunteers worldwide worked on our common goal: a sustainable world with less waste, where there is room for everyone.

The past year, our network has increased some more. By the end of 2017 we counted approximately 1,450 Repair Café locations; nearly 300 more than the previous year! Especially in the Anglo-Saxon world, the enthusiasm for making repairs together increased considerably. Many handy Americans, Australians and Brits have joined. But the repair community also continues to grow in other countries. That gives hope!

Data collection
In 2017 Repair Café International has started data collecting. Volunteers have entered data on several thousand repairs into our central database. And they are adding new information every day. This Repair Monitor allows us to get a better idea of the reparability of the products in our daily lives.

We will analyse this data together with international partners, and use it in the fight for better repairable products.

Repair Café lessons at school
For a long time, we have also wanted to make children enthusiastic about making repairs. In 2017, we have made some progress in that area too. As of October we offer a special starter kit for organising Repair Café lessons at primary schools. Now only available in Dutch, but perhaps in the future also in other languages.

Would you also like to learn more about making repairs? Visit the Repair Café, start your own or become a volunteer at a Repair Café in your neighbourhood. You can also support the movement by making a donation.

The Repair Café International team wishes everyone a great festive season. Till next year!

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