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RC kaarsjeThe Repair Café has experienced a wonderful year. In 2014, there was again an incredible number of new Repair Cafés, more than doubling the total. At the end of 2013 there were 275 Repair Cafés worldwide, now there are more than 700! Together, volunteer repair experts now prevent more than 200.000 kilos of waste per year.

With so many Repair Cafés, people who know how to fix things are being more and more appreciated. Elderly, students, children and their parents, people with low incomes, and people with so much money they can buy a new appliance every week: they are all, one by one, finding their way to a Repair Café.

To give repair fans from around the globe the chance to contact each other, there is now the Repair Café-forum. The forum is meant for repair experts and organisers of Repair Cafés as well as other interested parties. In this way, people from all over the world can exchange repair knowledge and experience, enabling us to repair even more! The global success of Repair Cafés indicates that a growing number of people agree with the principle ‘Toss it? No way!’. This gives good energy to keep going full speed ahead in 2015.

Repair Café Foundation would like to wish everyone happy holidays. See you all in the new year!

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